As we’ve mentioned earlier as well, connectivity between AirPods as well as Huawei devices is made through Bluetooth. So, if you’d like to know the best way to link AirPods with Huawei All you need be able to do is switch on your phone or tablet, open the application Setting (the one that has the Gear icon) and then go to the section called Bluetooth menu which opens.

Check that the toggle is located close to the item. If Bluetooth and is activated (otherwise enable it to turn on Bluetooth) Then, take off the case of your AirPods and hold the key located at the rear of the case till it is certain that LED isn’t flashing in a sporadic manner.

After that you should wait for a couple of minutes and then tap on the initial Name of AirPods which appears at the bottom of the menu on your smartphone and then tap on Associate as shown below: If everything is well, in just a few minutes, AirPods and Huawei will “see” and the pairing between the two devices will be complete. It is possible to determine the accuracy of the procedure by what appears under the names of AirPods in the menu of AirPods under the heading of Associated with devices within the Android Bluetooth menu.

If you are not successful Try repeating the entire process by closing and opening your case for the AirPods and then restarting you Huawei device. Make sure that both devices are close enough to each other.

Once connected, verify that the AirPods are able to play the audio from your tablet or smartphone and also to make calls, return to the Settings menu, select Bluetooth, and then award l’icona of the innaggio at the top of the AirPods. Then If necessary, you can activate the controls for Audio call or Multimedia audio (The headphones must be switched on you can open the case or take it removed from it).

From the same screen should you choose to change the name of the AirPods by pressing the appropriate option and then entering the name you wish to give to the earphones within the correct field.


The mission is complete! You’ve now connected AirPods together with the Huawei phone and you are now able to make use of to make calls, music and other things. How? I’ll show you immediately.

How do I enable AirPods on Huawei

After pairing and connected, unless you connect the AirPods to another device they are able to “remember” your Huawei smartphone or tablet and link to that device (if within the range of) when you take them out of the case. They will wear them.

If not, you’ll need to remove your case to access the AirPods and then go back to Settings > Bluetooth on your Huawei device, and then select your number of headphones to establish the connection.

Similar to the iPhone as well, you’ll be able to utilize the AirPods both in a pair as well as independently by simply wearing them. If you are wearing one and , after a few minutes, put on the other the audio playback will change to mono for one of the earphones, and stereo on both of them.

If for any reason, you’ve been wearing the AirPods and selecting them in the menu Settings > Bluetooth on Android they should not be utilized in conjunction with your Huawei device to play music or for calls follow this procedure.

  • Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth of Android choose the icona of the inranaggio, which is located at the end on AirPods. AirPods then, when required you need to activate the levers that are related to Audio call and Multimedia audio.
  • If you’re playing media content on your phone or tablet, but the sound cannot be heard on the AirPods then dial the notification menu on on Android (by sliding from the top down to its bottom) and then press the icon that is currently the sound output device and select AirPods and give the menu a check when you click.
  • If you’re making a phone call, but the AirPods do not function as a device that listens to the audio that is being received and output it to the outgoing audio and dialer (l’app Telephone) during the call, and tap the onicon in the lower right (could be an earphone, speaker or even the symbol of Bluetooth) and then choose AirPods to check the menu by pressing.

If you have set the AirPods as your primary audio input device, you are able to connect to Google Assistant, Alexa and other voices assistants that are available on you Huawei device.

It is also worth noting that if you own AirPods Pro, it is possible to switch from the noise cancellation mode to transparent (where outside noises are able to are able to pass over the headphones) by simply pressing the top of one pair of AirPods for a few seconds (there are no controls on the screen).

After the call playback or music You can put AirPods in their charging case. AirPods in their case for charging and then close it in a matter of minutes the earphones will be disconnected from your smartphone (or tablet).

It is true that, unlike on the iPhone when you take off headphones out of your ear, audio playback won’t automatically stop or instantly resume wearing an AirPod in the future: you have to restart and pause playback by hand using the controls on screen.

Alternately, you can utilize third-party applications components that permit you to turn on these functions, for instance those I’ll inform readers about during the section on monitoring the battery of the AirPods.

How to Turn Off Phone Calls on iPad

The Apple ID that you have for your iPhone can be used on different Apple devices, such as an iPad, a MacBook as well as an iPad. This allows for some intriguing capabilities, however, you could be wondering how to switch off calls from your iPad even if you do not intend to take them in.

A large portion of the functions that you do on your Apple devices are able to seamlessly integrate across all your devices. One feature that many like is the capability to take phone calls from their iPhone from their iPad.

This can be helpful for those who frequently use their iPad and don’t wish to switch between devices whenever calls come in or is needed, it could be something you don’t wish or require to do.

However, the call you receive on your iPad could be distracting or unwelcome and you could be seeking a solution to block it.

There’s an option on your iPhone which controls whether or not calls from your iPhone are heard on other devices. The following guide will guide you on how to block iPhone phone calls from being heard an iPad.

How to stop phone calls from ringing on your iPad

  1. Start by opening the Settings in your iPhone.
  2. Choose Phone.
  3. Select Calls on Other Devices.
  4. Switch off your iPad alternative.

This article will be followed up with more information about stopping phone calls from ringing an iPad, as well as images of the steps.

How to turn off phone calls using your iPad

The steps described in this article were carried out using the iPhone 11 in iOS 14.3.

You can alter the functions of your phone in your iPhone in many ways such as blocking contacts or phone numbers. Learn more about ways to include people to your block list on your iPhone.

Step 1: Start your Settings app on your iPhone.

The steps mentioned in this guide can be completed using the iPhone not on the iPad.

Step 2: Scroll down and choose Step 2: Scroll down and select the phone option.

Step 3: Select Option 3: Choose the calls on other Devices option from the Calls section of the menu.

Step 4: Tap the button on just to the left on your iPad to block telephone calls from appearing on your device.

You can also disable completely the Allow calls on other Devices choice to prevent the calls from showing up on any device that are signed into iCloud.